Silvestri International – Studio Legale Internazionale is the first Italian law firm and foreign legal consulting company in Florida with offices in Rome and Miami. The practice of Silvestri International mainly focuses on the following pilasters:

  • Assisting Italian investors and /or Italian entities in Florida in affiliation with Pathman Lewis LLP, a primary Florida law firm specializing in commercial, real estate, corporate and litigation matters, to protect their investments in Florida as well as ensuring full compliance with Italian tax and other applicable Italian and International law;
  • Providing a full range of corporate services in Florida, including company registration, management and business operations.
  • Providing legal and tax advice in favor of US-Italian individuals and/or US- Italian entities in Italy on any matter related to Italian commercial, corporate, civil, including family and estate matters, and intellectual property law.

Based on the above, the mission of Silvestri International is to act as a bridge between the two jurisdictions in order to facilitate the exchange of investments and to oversee the process for those foreign individuals or entities that desire to take a solid and well-organized step into the US and/or Italian market in full compliance with both jurisdictions.

The established partnership and cooperation with primary firms and professionals with expertise ranging between all legal and tax fields in the US and in Italy, allows Silvestri International to safely guide its clientele through the turmoil and the uncertainty typical of a foreign jurisdiction by suggesting a course of action that is custom tailored to each client’s needs and goals.